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Welcome to Design For Humans

Our goal is to bring together an active and diverse community of people to discover, discuss and advocate the value and practice of human centred design.

About Us

Design for Humans is an Adelaide-based (but not Adelaide-exclusive) human centred design community of practice. We aim to be an inclusive, diverse and collaborative collective that supports professional development, knowledge sharing and networking among our members. Our community works across a range of fields including social innovation, service, user, employee, customer experience, business and product design. You don’t need to be a practicing designer to join us, just someone interested in applying human centred design or design thinking to what you do.

Join the conversation on Slack

Our Slack community is a great place to find out about local design events, network, share knowledge and ask questions of the crowd. 

Meet-ups and networking

We run free, monthly events in Adelaide on a diverse range of topics. These are a great opportunity to network and connect and share ideas.

Be the first to know about job opportunities

We post job and freelance opportunities in our Slack community – many of these are not advertised elsewhere.


We’re always looking for ideas for events, workshops and panels – if you are interested in presenting to our community please let us know!

Our Events

Join us each month as we host a variety of design leaders to present concepts, case studies, practices and tools aimed at providing professional development support to the South Australian design community. They're free and open to anyone with an interest in designing products and services across all industries. 

Previous Events

How Can Service Design Improve Digital Government?

How Can Service Design Improve Digital Government?

Tue 7th Jul 20, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

How can Service Design improve citizens’ lives? How is the South Australian government working to improve our digital experiences through human-centred design? These are some of the questions covered by Susi Masi in her talk.

Using Diary Studies for Contact-Free Research

Using Diary Studies for Contact-Free Research

Fri 1st May 20, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

For our third event in the Designing in Isolation’ series, Sarah Christopher took us on a journey on how to use diary studies as an effective contact-free method of customer research.

Remote Research Practice Across Dispersed Teams

Remote Research Practice Across Dispersed Teams

Thurs 9th April 20, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

For our second Designing in Isolation event, Benson Low from REA Group shared key learnings from operationalising the UX research practice team across multiple locations.

Meld Studios on how to run a remote ideation workshop

Meld Studios on how to run a remote ideation workshop

Fri 3rd April 20, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Alexandra Almond and Morgan Williams from Meld Studios kicked off our Designing in Isolation series with a fantastic session on how to deliver a remote ideation workshop using Zoom and Miro.

The Art of Unlearning

The Art of Unlearning

Wed 12th Feb 20, 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

A critical factor helping us to improve is the ability to ‘unlearn’. In this workshop, Lumai Tingey showed us the power of unlearning and how it can benefit yourself, your team or your organisation.

Let's Do This Together!

Design for Humans is a volunteer-led community and we would love you to join in the fun. We welcome your feedback about events and suggestions for future topics. 

We are looking for case studies, workshops, panel themes and presentations that are engaging, practical and most of all add value to this community.

Let us know if you are interested in helping out or if you would like to chat about partnership opportunities.



Sharing, promoting and celebrating great design experiences in South Australia.

Answers to Your Questions

There are other UX design groups around, what makes Design for Humans different?

Design for Humans was started to move the design conversation beyond just digital product and digital user experience (UX) to areas like system, service, customer experience (CX) and business design as well as social innovation. We encourage people from a diverse range of fields to join us and are committed to supporting professional development, knowledge sharing and networking amongst our members.

I’m not working as a designer, can I join in?

Absolutely! Our community is extremely diverse with members coming from a range of industries and roles. We are connected by our interest in applying human centred design and design thinking methods to the work we do.

Does it cost to be a member?

No. Design for Humans is free to join and our events, staffed by volunteers, are also free to attend.

I have a job I want to post – how do I do that?

Join our Slack group – you can post opportunities on our job board. Alternatively, contact our organising committee and we can post on your behalf.

I have great idea for an event – who can I pitch it to?

Send us an email with details of your event idea and we’ll take a look at it. 

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We’d like to say a big thank you to our Sponsor, Atomix Design for making it possible to get our meetups online via Zoom Webinar.